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ASAP Mini Facial
A 30 minute express skin care facial designed for a quick pick me up.

Your skin is cleansed and exfoliated with our ASAP glycolic based product range; as we flood you with a stream of warm steam. Now all you have to do is lie back and enjoy the soothing gel mask, which will calm and hydrate your skin while the therapist performs a pressure point scalp massage.

ASAP Revitalising Facial
A facial complete with an exfoliating peel treatment.
Your face and neck is cleansed and exfoliated under a stream of warm steam. An AHA/BHA exfoliating mask is now applied and left to dry while the therapist performs a pressure point massage. A warm towel is then compressed
over the skin to remove all traces of the remaining mask. Enjoy a calming eye massage, which is followed by an infusion of our Vitamin C serum and hydrating lotion via a blissful facial massage. A thick layer of soothing gel mask is applied with beautiful flowing strokes, finished off with a relaxing scalp massage. This facial combines beautifully the benefits of relaxation with an active skin care facial.
Why not have the best of both worlds?
Allow 1 hr.

ASAP Deluxe Facial
Relax back in a candle lit room and indulge yourself in the ultimate luxury of our exclusive skin care facial & back treatment.

Incorporating our ASAP Rejuvenating Facial with a Revitalizing Back Exfoliation, Steam and Soothing Massage. Allow 1hr 15 mins.

Specialized facial treatments for sun damage, ageing and congestion. The Essential 30 minute Medi-Facial Treatment, which includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and steam, followed by extractions if needed and an antioxidant serum. Specifically tailored to the client’s requirements.



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